UPVC Fascias

Fascias are an important aspect of roofing. Not only do they provide an attractive finish to compliment the new or existing roof, they protect the exposed roof rafters from environmental damage from wind and rain, and infection from fungi and wood rot, all of which can cause costly repairs.

Our specialist fascia systems prevent water saturation into walls and the roof, preventing damp and rot. We can also repair any visible damage caused to the rafters during the fascia installation process. We also offer a bird comb which can be installed to prevent birds from nesting in the rafters.

We have a wide range of coloured fascias to choose from to match the style of your home. We aim to provide you with a practical and functional fascia system which will compliment your home, and all our installations come with a 10 year warranty.

All of our fascias are built using the most durable and most Weathertight materials to provide maximum protection for your home.

There are two options when fitting UPVC fascia and soffit boards:


Assuming that the fascia and soffit boards are in a sound condition once the guttering has been removed, a fascia capping board can be fitted over the existing.

The capping board is slightly thinner than the replacement solid plank board, but is popular as it is more cost effective, due to the fact that the existing boards do not need removing, which saves time and in turn money. It is important to fit either an eaves tray or D.P.C eaves drip, which is fitted under the eaves course (bottom row) of roof tiles.

This is fitted over the existing fascia and the new fascia and finishes into the new guttering. This prevents the original fascia from rotting in the future.


If the fascia boards and / or soffit boards are rotten, there is no choice but to remove the existing timber and replace it with solid plank fascia boards. The existing fascia boards are removed from the rafter ends prior to the replacement uPVC boards fitted.

There are options for the soffit boards, the most popular being the Tongue & Grooved type Hollow Board due to it’s strong aesthetics, whilst another popular alternative is a plain flat board. We then supply and fit UPVC soffit boards to the boarding in a colour of your choice.

UPVC fascia and soffit


Guttering is vital to any roof. Professionally installed guttering will last for a very long time and effectively control the flow of rain water from the roof to the drains at ground level without leaking. We only work with the best UPVC guttering materials and will always discuss what the best option is for your needs.

At a glance, the key features of UPVC guttering include:

  • No cracking, flaking or rust
  • Guaranteed for 10 years as standard
  • Low maintenance and no painting required
  • Standard or deepflow gutter depths
  • Variety of shapes including half round, ogee or square
  • Low cost with long life span

We can offer you a variety of different colours of UPVC fascia, soffit and guttering to match the style of your home. The most popular colours being: White, Brown, Woodgrain and Black.

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