Roof Tiling

We carry out all aspects of tiling and slating, from replacing a few tiles or slates to complete re-roofs, in plain clay tiles, concrete interlocking pan tiles or natural and man made slate.

A new tiled or slated roof consists of the following.

  • Breathable membrane
  • Tanalised timber laths fixed with galvanised nails.
  • Slates fixed with copper nails.
  • Plain clay tiles or concrete interlocking pan tiles.

What We Do?

Erect independent scaffolding to gain working height to main roof elevations, in accordance with legal Health and Safety regulations.

The existing roof shall be stripped of all covering materials, battens and flashings, to leave the rafters, boarding and abutments clean and ready to receive new covering.

Cover rafters with breathable membrane roofing felt with horizontal laps of maximum 150mm and vertical laps to next rafter and fix with galvanised felt nails.

Lay new 25mm x 38mm treated tanalised battens for tiles with all cut joints over the centre of rafters nailed down with 50mm galvanised nails.

Concrete or Clay roof Tiles shall be laid strictly in accordance with the manufacturers instructions with regard to gauge, bond, fixing and details at eaves, ridge, valleys, gables and abutments. Valleys, ridge tiles and gables bedded in sand and cement mortar or a Dry-Fix System which carries a 10 year guarantee and requires no maintenance. Ridge and hip tiles of matching colour, or as specified, shall be bedded or fitted using Dry-fix system. All vertical tiling shall be twice nailed with 40mm alloy nails.

Lead soakers shall be laid under each course of tiling at all abutments - turned up, nailed and covered with stepped lead flashings turned into brickwork, secured with lead plugs and sealed into position using Leadmate silicone.

Services We Provide