Polyester Felt Roofing

High Tensile Polyester felt is a strong, durable and cost effective method of waterproofing flat and shallow pitched roofs.

We use a 3 layer built up system, with a top layer of Brown, Black or Green mineral coloured felt.

Life expectancy is 20 years and all our new felt roofs are guaranteed for 10 years.

A flat roof is constructed of the following.

  • Timber joists
  • Decking, typically timber, plywood or OSB board
  • Optional thermal insulation
  • 3 layers of built up felt system

What We Do?

If the flat roof is covered in felt this is normally stripped back to the decking. If the decking is chipboard, this may have been affected by water ingress and will require re-boarding with structural grade 18mm OSB board.

Existing timber or plywood decking is cleaned and prepared for a new felt covering.

Any abutment walls will be chased out.

On a timber deck the first layer is 36kg 3B glass fibre based roofing felt which is mechanically fixed, i.e tacked to the deck to allow for expansion and contraction.

The second layer is 2mm polyester based underlay roofing felt fully bonded to the first layer using gas torch application.

Finally the third layer is laid which is a 4mm Evertorch High Performance polyester based Brown, Black or Green Mineral felt.

Again, this is fully bonded by torch application to the base layer. All upstands, edgings and flashings are laid using the same 4mm Evertorch High Performance polyester based Brown, Black or Green mineral felt.

Finally, upon completion any flashings which have been bonded are tucked into an abutment wall and sealed using Flexim Roof Putty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is High Tensile Felt?

High tensile roofing felt is a polyester based SBS bitumen coated material. It is made in 2mm – 4mm thickness and is very robust.

What Colours Can I Have?

The top layer felt comes in Brown, Black or Green Mineral felt.

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